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Blood in the Water

After forcing Reuters to pull a third rate forgery from its video archives, bloggers are having a field day finding more suspicious photos from the Israeli/Hezbollah conflict. My guess is that many will turn out to be perfectly valid images, but a few will turn up as very embarassing errors that will take a large toll on media credibility. While I'm not qualified to judge most of the scandals, this one certainly seems suspicious. In two photos dated two weeks apart, what seems to be the same woman is bewailing the destruction of her apartment. I suppose there are explanations: she owns two apartments, the second picture is her evil twin, etc. But the idea that the major news agencies aren't paying enough attention to the activities of their men on the street is becoming hard to shake.


Kristin and I took a few minutes to go over the photos taken by Adnan Hajj that wre archived by Google. Kristin pegged the doctored jet fighter about 24 hours before Reuters announced it was a fake as well. It's unfortunate that these blatantly amnipulated photos might disqualify otherwise legitimate photographs from Hajj. Now every photo he took will come under the microscope for its truthiness.

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