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Well, you are reading TYoH...

So, on the day when everyone and their dog keep blogging about Supreme Court nominations, I'm writing about technology in law firms. And I'm tired enough that I can't find my way to worry if Bush nominated a Democratic gerbil. [1]

How badly does it reflect on a clerkship-seeking law student not to have an opinion on a (quite-possibly soon-to-be-powerful) judge?

[1]: My "jurisprudence" basically boils down to this: overturn Roe v. Wade and no state will ban abortion; no Court however conservative will overturn Goodridge. Nominees are important, but the Court is the branch against which the populace has the least influence and the least protection. Selection of justices isn't really worth the political energy to follow closely unless you're one of the politicians, or more powerful in politics than I ever think I'll be.


It's worth remembering for us laypeople (not brilliant legal minds like yourself!) that Sandra Day OConnor was nominated by the arch conservative himself (no not Nixon!) Reagan . . . . sometimes I wonder how that would have gone if we'd been as bloodthirstily partisan then as we are now. You know I'm a die hard leftist but I have to appreciate the fact that the one thing everyone says about this Roberts guy is that he's funny. That could be a darn good thing these days. And I for one am not overly worried about Roe V Wade either. also your ponderance on technology processes and law firms made me think about PR and marketing firms - seems like you want to import some of their project management techniques. and finally the question of the day - how is London in the wake of these last bombings? Are you ok?

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