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Do You Still Hear the Silence of the Law Review, Clarice?

It's scary what a bundle of 2Ls will think up as they're running through their work late at night. I'm sure it was always thus, but nowadays it takes only a licensed copy of Photoshop, an internet connection and the infinite will to procrastinate, and these deep, dark, and horribly bad ideas can be brought to life.

You don't want to know the story behind this one. Really, really, you don't. But suffice it to say, my first online product sale is now behind me. Without further ado:

Are you a Republican looking for that perfect way to gloat about the size of your new "mandate"?

Are you a Democrat wanting to express your oh-so-sardonic contempt for how horrible the next four years are going to be? (Because, you know, no one in a blue state could take this seriously...)

Then do I have the t-shirt for you:

Renominate Bork

A slogan no one can love. In colors no one should wear.

Yours from the new Three Years of Hell Shop.

Brought to you by coffee, camaraderie, and a complete lack of sleep.

(And no, I don't expect any further sales.)


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