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One more columnist come unhinged. Here's Greil Marcus doing a mock-obituary for Bush, dated 2018.

Mr. Bush's life after his presidency was marked by misfortune. He soon lost interest in his status as the standard-bearer of his party and its chief fundraiser; many believed he had again begun drinking, and in any case he seemed to spend most of his time at private clubs in Houston, where he established residence in 2010 after selling his property in Crawford, Texas. ("At least I won't have to cut that f--- brush again," Mr. Bush was heard to say after his last election.) Then on May 1, 2011, Jenna and Barbara Bush were killed in a drunken driving accident in New York City, an incident that also took the lives of seven other people, four of them friends of the Bush daughters. Rumors that a Bush family friend attempted to bribe the police to report that a person other than Jenna or Barbara Bush was driving (the body of Barbara Bush was in the driver's seat) were never confirmed.

If you're going to write a piece of wish-fulfilling fantasy, it behooves you not to fantasize that your opponent's daughters die in drunk-driving accidents, taking several people with them. It just looks churlish. (Via Spleenville.)


The whole bit was churlish. Someone may want to point Mr. Marcus to a paid professional who can help him sort his issues out. I wish people wouldn't be so quick to publish their moments of mental masturbation. Honestly, it escapes me how wishing ill on someone helps advance anything. I would like to think that after about a week, everyone except the most hate bloated among us (think Al Franken and Michael Moore) would be spent, and ready to move on. However, after seeing one of my favorite discussion boards completely locked due to the heated nature of post-election discussions, I kinda doubt it. What really stuns me is how anyone cannot be sick of the entire election by now. November 3 was about as far as I could go, after what seems like years of campaigning and bad ads and the whole bit. I live right outside of Cincinnati, Ohio, so I got tons of the bad ads, what with Ohio being in a swing state and all. Ick. Time to make like the website and move on, people.
I might not like George W. but that was just tasteless. :/ BTW, I don't remember how I found your blog but I've been reading it for awhile and really enjoy it.
Yuck. You're so right. Totally tasteless; even worse.
Extraordinarily tacky, but actually much less insulting than the idea that a Republican-controlled Congress would take the right to trial by jury from judicial purview. Though the calls for Specter's removal from that chairmanship are a little disturbing...
I think he's on the money... at least it's more likely they end up dying in a car wreck than getting drafted by daddy and blown up by a roadside bomb.

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