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Strange Conversations

So I'm chatting with some folks in a bar last Friday, and the conversation turns to video games. And to a man, my compatriots mention that the best feature of Star Wars: Battlefront is that you get to kill Ewoks and Gungans. Me, I've promised myself I'd buy nothing that would burn more of my time than my new copy of Chandler's The Simple Art of Murder.

I think the bit about Battlefront was the single coherent fact I learned over this weekend. Otherwise, I slept a lot and recovered from a very hectic last week. More insightful blogging may follow shortly.


....my compatriots mention that the best feature of Star Wars: Battlefront is that you get to kill Ewoks and Gungans. Not just Gungans. The point is that you get to kill Jar-Jar Binks. Again and again and again. With sniper rifles. With blasters. With the Phantom Menace equivalent of tanks and heavy artillery. I'm told you can even run over him with vehicles. And that's what even the most casual Star Wars fans have been wanting to do for ages. Props to Lucasarts for getting something right for a change.
How did I know you'd enjoy that, Len. :) For what it's worth, Dork Tower has been doing a good series on this.

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