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Policy Update

Due to some correspondence I've received this weekend, I've formally set out an email policy, which is detailed on a newly-fixed About TYoH page. It's mostly ripped off from Crescat Sententia, because I think Will mostly got it right. For reference:

Email Policy. I'm going to take a page from Will Baude, an advocate of good etiquette, whose policy runs thus:
Unless you explicitly tell me otherwise, email sent about the blog (or topics recently mentioned on the blog) will be considered fair game to be republished here on this (not for profit) blog. This will usually, but not always, be anonymous; If you have strong feelings about this, be sure to express a preference.

I will only add this to Mr. Baude's policy: except where legally or professionally bound, the sharing of correspondence is generally at the option of the recipient. So if you're sending insults that you wouldn't want posted online, think twice.


What if I want my insults to you posted online twice? Do I only have to think once then, or should I think four times?
I would consider this a special request, Chris. Just include it in the email. ;)
*watches long, long, long-standing netiquette that private email is not to be quoted in a public forum take another hit, and waits for the unintended consequences to strike*
Sarah: You're welcome to show some authority for that, but otherwise the private email is not for publication "rule" has been a matter of debate for years. I first remember having it in... 1989? And certainly, many bloggers are setting their own rules for their own reasons, which is how such norms evolve in the first place.
But posting AIM conversations is still verboten ;-)
Advantage of a stated policy: it gets around the unstated norms. If you have a policy of reprinting AIM quotations, I'd have fewer AIM conversations with you.
Uh oh. But in the interests of full disclosure, here's my AIM profile for the last couple of years-- "Warning: AIM conversations are considered blogfodder unless otherwise specified."

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