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Does this man ever learn?

One nice thing about blogs is that if we bloggers post something, you can hold it against us for ages. So I wonder if Justin Slaughter just has a peculiar sense of irony, or absolutely no memory. After his latest reading of the political tea leaves, he writes:

There's little I can say that hasn't been said far more eloquently by Kos, Atrios, Billmon, or Steve Gillard, but I would like to add this point -- for the CPA to change such a highly-publicized and well-known date for the handover without any notice indicates that a major attack WOULD have happened on the 30th against a high-profile target (most likely Bremer or Allawi). And since the troops are still on high-alert, it looks like the chatter has continued unabated.

Finally, Allawi's not gonna make it to Labor Day. Thats a macabre prediction, but with Iraq in chaos and the government in total chaos, its only a matter of time before an aide plots a palace coup or ingratiates himself with the insurgents.

Zaraqawi and Sadr are still out there, and they want blood.

(emphasis mine) Before any of you start picking Allawi in your friendly neighborhood deadpool, please note that Mr. Slaughter posted this one day before the deadline on his last prediction: that Tony Blair would be gone and Gordon Brown would be prime minister by July 1st.

Justin, stop, please. I mean, I'd just gotten the congratulations letter ready to send to Gordy Boy Brown when you come out and tell me I need to get ready to send condolences to Allawi's next of kin. If I've already burnt all that money on getting my inauguration party ready, I'm going to hold you responsible for any mourning costs I needlessly expend.

Ah, I shouldn't pick on Justin. I can't help it. I mean, the boys at my university's 'non-partisan' political review just set themselves up for it...


Ah yes, the real question though is what are you going to do when the US 'tears itself apart' something one of our friends regularly stated it would do 'within ten years' about nine years ago... Of course some say Bush getting re-elected might trigger civil war, but even I don't believe that.
Touche and well put, Mr. Lloyd. Though, given the blue/red state divide and the unusual vehemence of this election, I'm really hoping I was wrong. Ah, we were all young once, I suppose.
Hang on, I thought someone else came up with that. Are you telling me the reason Al went round saying that to all and sundry was 'cause you put the idea in his head? Or were the two of you just suffering from identical failures of teleology?
M.: Sorry, misinterpreted what you meant. I'll be quite honest: without some index of things I wrote ten years ago, which exists but isn't with me, I couldn't tell you if I'd ever made that precise statement. I've surely frequently worried that U.S. politics is becoming too divisive. So I figured it was a cheerful poke at me. Anyway, I figured the best defense wasn't to ask if I'd ever said that, but just admit that I might have when I was younger and foolish. ;) Certainly, it wouldn't class as the dumbest thing I've ever said.

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