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John Kerry: "Give Me The Power To Revolutionize the World!"

From the John Kerry Blog, a post provocatively entitled "Why Am I Here?" Blog Editor Ari Rabin-Havt writes:

I sat down with some friends over the weekend and made a list of all the things that would change the day John Kerry becomes President and the list was staggering. Looking at the list, we all agreed that as President, John Kerry will show our country real courage and real leadership.

What's on your list? Make your list and post it on the comments!

Might I suggest that the hopes of some Kerry fans are a bit... optimistic:
The number one thing on my list is that we will truly become a compassionate country again and that a new sense of honesty will prevail.

This is hardly an outlier response. Politics is one thing, but these guys seem to be seeking some sort of national... the term escapes me... apotheosis? paradigm shift? second-coming? It just seems a lot to expect from the creaky gears of democracy. Aren't these the same folks who want to keep religion out of public life?

(Bonus points to the first person who spots the reference in this entry's title.)

UPDATE: A reader writes to ask, "Why didn't you include a counter-example from the Bush site and file this under Ridiculous Bipartisanship?"

Sheer laziness, actually. As previously reported, the Bush Blog doesn't have comments. (Will Baude, take note.) I suppose I could trawl the net looking for a pro-Bush blog that has comments, but... did I mention exams?


"Sekai wo Kakumei Suru Tame ni!"? If that answer's correct, I can take no credit; I simply googled the phrase.
OK, slight revision of rules: First person who (on their honor) spots the reference without Googling, searching, etc...
http://www.uexpress.com/tedrall/ Ted Rall, who certainly is no fan of Bush, gives a pretty convincing argument that not much will change with Kerry. As a card-carrying wishy-washy moderate, I agree.
'Card-carrying wishy-washy moderate?' Damn, I want one of those cards. Of course, the only way I could get one is likely to mug a moderate, but wouldn't it be cool at parties?
Since we don't have a party, you can just make your own. Besides, who's going to get upset if you start carrying the card? We're moderates.

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