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Ezula, I Hate You

I spent a lot of time I should have been working today fixing computers. If you're at Columbia--or indeed, using the 'Net at all--I strongly recommend that you read my update about Ezula, and if you're having any of the symptoms--strange search windows and odd pop-ups--that you follow the instructions for removing the software.

I only mention it again because of four computers I looked at today, three had ezula.exe sitting right in their C:\ drive...


Quick update (June 04) - Webhancer and Ezula seem to have joined forces. I'm infe stuck with both and none of the removel instructions I found on the web seem to work. I've tried the latest versions of Adaware, Spybot and PestPatrol but both Webhancer and Ezula come right back after a reboot. Been trying for 14 hours!
Run all of those programs again, and before a reboot, look for any odd *.exe files in your C:\ directory or C:\windows directory. (Normally, Ezula uses a file called ezstub.exe, stub.exe, or something similar.) If that's deleted, it shouldn't be able to reinstall on a reboot.
Ok, By now i'm a spyware pro :P Programs like adaware and spybot are extremely weak, if you can get your hands on Webroot's Spysweeper it will save you LOADS of trouble. First of all, before running all of your anti spyware progs, run regedit and delete what registry keys you can find in hkey local machine and hkey current user (if you are on admin account). Then, manually delete any ACTUAL folders in program files that were made by the spyware. After that, check your startup programs to make sure no spyware is set to boot up. FINALLY, run your progs to finish them off.
You might try Hijackthis. It saves some of the trouble of running regedit. Do not use it lightly though, since it will let you destroy your computer.

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